Sept. 26, 2020

We are adding a new dish, lomo saltado (a popular Peruvian stir-fry with marinated strips of beef sirloin or other beef steak, onions and tomatoes), to our kitchen menu starting this weekend at Paraiso North! Look for it to be added to our kitchen menu at Paraiso South starting next week!

This item will be on our menu everyday (just the meat dish). On weekends, lomo saltado can be ordered as a full dish with rice and potatoes.

July 9, 2020



¡Nuestro equipo se tomará en merecido break en nuestro Viaje de Camping Annual del 13 a 15 de julio! Por lo tanto, cambiarán un poco nuestras operaciones.


PARAISO NORTE: Sin servicio de transferencia de dinero por tres días. La tienda estará cerrada el miércoles 15 de julio.


PARAISO SUR: Estará cerrado por tres días.


Además, las entregas a domicilio se pospondrán al jueves 16 de julio en vez del miércoles 15 de julio.


Por su atención, gracias.




Our team will be taking a well-deserved break at our Annual Camping Trip from July 13-15th! Therefore, this will affect our operations slightly.


PARAISO NORTH: No money transfer service for 3 days. The store will be closed on Wednesday, July 15th.


PARAISO SOUTH: Closed for 3 days.


In addition, deliveries will be postponed to Thursday, July 16th instead of Wednesday, July 15th.


Thank you for your understanding.

May 6, 2020 

We are celebrating Mother’s Day with a special offer starting this Friday, from May 8-10!


The special consists of the following traditional Salvadoran dishes, which can be ordered separately:

  • Pan con Pollo (Chicken in a Bun Salvadoran Style): Typically called Pan con Pavo (Turkey), we’ve made this dish with chicken instead, which works just as well! Seasoned with a Salvadoran spice mix called relajo, it is served with watercress, cucumber, radishes, lettuce and tomato with pieces of chicken and topped off with the sauce – all in a nice toasted bun. 

  • Quesadillas: not the Mexican one, but the Salvadoran version. This version is a moist, sweet cheese pound cake; the key to this recipe is the kind of cheese used: Parmesan.

  • Budin: A bread pudding made with bananas, cinnamon, milk and stale bread (fresh works, too). By the way, this is Bruna’s (one of our managers) favourite!

In-store or telephone orders at either our north or south store must be made (sorry, no online or delivery app orders). Pan con Pollo is available for in-store + telephone orders May 8-10th but we encourage orders to be made for quesadillas and/or budin starting today. Dishes can be picked up starting this Friday, May 8th.


For prices & pick-up times, please call our stores.

May 1, 2020 

Updated: Sept. 26, 2020

Ready for lunch & no time to cook? We're happy to let you know that you can now order our kitchen items through SkiptheDishes or Uber Eats for both locations.

CLICK HERE to order via SkiptheDishes.

CLICK HERE to order via Uber Eats.

Just a reminder: we now offer pick-up orders for retail items. You can order at our online store or order by telephone. When you are outside the store to pick up your order, you can call us and we can bring your order to your car.


For more info, CLICK HERE to be on the know regarding our Home Delivery and Store Pick-Up guidelines. 

Thank You!

March 27, 2020

Paraiso Tropical will now be offering Delivery and Store Pick Up Service! We are adding a new online store to help with your orders. Please be patient with us as we work hard to update our online inventory.

CLICK HERE to visit our Online Store

CLICK HERE to read more about our Home Delivery and Store Pick-Up guidelines


March 22, 2020

Dear Customers:


In efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are implementing these measures in our stores starting today:


  • A limit of 6 people (northside location) and 8 people (southside location) will be allowed at any given time

  • We ask everyone to keep a distance of at least 2 metres from others

  • Hand washing will be required

  • Help us keep our work environment safe for you and our staff


Thank you for your cooperation & understanding!


Please note that at Paraíso North, money transfers will be closed:


10am-2pm Monday-Saturday

1-2pm Sunday


Please visit Paraíso South for urgent transfers within these hours.

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